Policy and Practice Updates

Many of our clients have reached out to ask what we are doing regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and while our top priority is to ensure the health and safety of our society, our employees, and our communities, a secondary priority is ensuring business continuity during this time period.

To that end, here are a few things that we’re doing at Set Supplies to help combat the spread of COVID-19 and all around set safety.

  • We are following CDC guidelines when it comes to safety in our warehouse and offices.
  • All Production equipment,-Truck cabs,-Walkies and Walkie accessories will be sanitized and wiped down upon return.
  • In addition, we will also be providing individual resealable bags for on-set walkie distribution.
  • When at all possible, all equipment and trucks will be left for a three-day period between rentals.
  • Crew health and safety is everyones main priority, that being said we will no longer be providing walkie earpieces or head sets that can be swapped or exchanged between crew members. We encourage everyone on set to purchase their own personal earpiece. Please contact Set Supplies for purchase.
  • Please check out our order form under forms and see what PPE we have to offer.
  • Please check our website for updates.

Also, we understand that every production has its own unique challenges and requirements, so please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.